Delhi Day Tour Packages

Tours Around Delhi - The Capital City for the Conquerors

Delhi is the capital of India and travelers come to this city to either visit its rich heritage or to start the journey to other parts of India. The city has long line of history behind it which is amazing and exciting to hear and view on its own. There are many tours around Delhi which offers not only the inside tour of Delhi city but also try to project the cultural collaboration of the city with all the invaders who once ruled here.

Exploring Old and New Delhi

Delhi is a city which has seen many rules and with each now conqueror it has seen the rise of something amazing in terms of architecture, language or even food. The city is known to be destroyed and reconstructed many time and also has a key link to the ancient Hindu city known as Indraprastha. Delhi city has been the capital of India for centuries and has always kept its title because of it being in the center of the country and close to some ancient as well as important cities like Agra, Chandigarh, and Jaipur. The Mughals always kept Delhi as their power capital and ruled their empire for more than 300 years from this place. Later during the British rule the city saw the rise of some amazing monuments which still remain in use of political leaders of the country. Travelers who visit the city travel to mostly take the Delhi Tours by which they can see and embrace the history of the city. Delhi is city of diversity and acceptance as it is the home for all religions and beliefs and holds a special place for Indian and their culture. The city has been divided into two regions ,old Delhi and New Delhi, each of which represent the different era of construction and architecture. Travelers take the tours around Delhi experiencing the cultural blend of modern India with ancient monuments and history.

Place to visit during Delhi Tour

Delhi is a massive city covering a lot of land and is the home for some of the most amazing and eye catching architectural wonders of India. Travelers who take the Delhi tours may experience some of the most historic places around the city, each of which has played or still playing a crucial role in operating the country and its political institutions. Tours around Delhi can help visitors to change the overall concept of India and its history while exploring the magnificent monuments of the city. As the city is been divided into two parts, each part has something amazing to offer to its visitors. Old Delhi covers the monuments, streets and bazaar made up in the Mughal era of Shahjahan. Old Delhi includes monuments like the Red fort, Chandni Chok Market, Raj Ghat and Jama Masjid. New Delhi tour includes sties which were made in different eras but give travelers a prospective of architectural wonders of old time. Some of these monuments include the India Gate, Lodhi Gardens, Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb, Safdarjung Tomb, Isa Khan Tomb, Hauz Khas village, Parliament monuments, Jantar Mantar and the Akshardham temple.

Modes of Travel

Visitors can choose the old and New Delhi tours for different areas and regions of the city. The city being in the center and as it has a international airport also having connecting flights and train from all over India makes it easier for travelers to start their tour from any part of the city. The best mode available is to hire a guided for the day with a private car to explore and experience the life of Delhi. Delhi tours with bus and metro is also available but because of the population of the city being around 20 million it becomes hard to travel from one region to another. Local transport like rickshaw ride are also available to cover the old Delhi tour of the city.

Best Time to visit

Delhi experience a diversity of weather the whole year round. When its cold it may go down to 5C and when the heat ways strict India it feel a rise in overall temperature of 45C . The best time to travel to Delhi is in the month of August to December; during this time the travelers can experience the city in light breeze so they can enjoy the surroundings and give much time to travel.

Tips for Travelers

While a travelers visit Delhi he or she may experience a change in culture and lifestyle but they may have to adjust with the surroundings and try to have travel spirit. Travelers may have to cope with the different varieties of food and cuisine offered in the tour and also tries to adjust with the heavy flow of traffic, which would be travelling in and out of the city the whole day round. Also during their stay they may have to respect and appreciate the diversity of religion which co-exist in the city and in the tour the travelers may have to wear comfortably so not to offend some part of the community.

Overall during the visit the travelers may come to know about the amazing city of Delhi and would try experience the unexpected. New Delhi tours may bring a change in concept of travelers who would believe that modern life and history cant coexist in a single surrounding and this would help them to understand India on a whole.